Plain PTFE Teflon Hose

The Advantages Of Teflon Hose
Chemical Resistance
The hose are good resistance against all chemicals, acids and caustic solutions of any concentration.

Exceptions : Liquid Alkali metals and fluoride compounds.

Hose specification Tolerance : *± 5%
Construction : A smooth Teflon* inner core, externally protected with S.S. 304 wire Braid

Fluid Compatibility : Inert to all aircraft hydraulic fluids, fuels, lubricants, coolants, and water systems, Non-toxic, odorless and tasteless.
Absorbs vibration : Withstands continuous flexing and vibration without failure from flex fatigue. Dampens and absorbs vibration.
Non-ageing : Unlimited shelf life because properties do not change with age or exposure to weather.
Easy to install : Because it is flexible, there are no alignment problems saving time and money when a smooth bore hose assembly is installed.
Temperature Resistant : From – 73ºC to 232ºC max for fluids, gases.

Technical Data
PTFE Teflon Plain Hose With External S.S. Braid 

Hose Specialization
Plain PTFE Teflon Hose

Construction: A smooth Teflon* inner core, externally protected with S.S. 304 wire Braid

These properties mean :

  • Low maintenance cost during long service life.
  • Less production standstill.
  • Reduced storage requirements due to multiple application.
  • More flexibility in disposition by multiple combination possibilities.

End Connection :

  • Can be manufactured as per requirement & will be duly crimped on the hose.
  • The hose assembly can be teflon* lined, i,e. all the contact parts of Teflon*.
  • A Dupont registered Trademark