Conveyants List for Composite Polypropylene Hoses

The following list shows the suitability of the Transflex Hose range of polypropylene hoses of use with various conveyants.

The information given is based on the best data available. However it must be appreciated that the recommendations are given only as a guide and apply only to the chemical compatibility of the hoses. The description of a hose as ‘suitable’ does not constitute a guarantee that the hose complies with any regulations or operating conditions governing the handling of the chemical of the use of the hose. A hose conveying a chemical having an oxidizing effect should be checked for internal discolouration, particularly if the hose may subsequently be used on a conveyant where colour contamination is not permissible.

Inner wire composition of polypropylene hoses:-

1.  PPG

  • PPG
  • PP Fabric
  • Galvanised Steel Outer Wire

2. SPG

  • Stainless Steel Outer Wire
  • PP Fabric
  • Galvanised Steel Outer Wire

3. GPG

  • Galvanised Steel Inner Wire
  • PP Fabric
  • Galvanised Steel Outer Wire

Suitable is indicated by the following categories:

A – SUITABLE for use at 600C

B – SUITABLE for use at worldwide ambient temperatures.

C – SUITABLE for INTERMITTENT use only at worldwide AMBIENT temperature. Intermittent use is defined as that typical of ship to shore or road tanker transfer operations where the hose is not left full to product after use.

D – UNSUITABLE or no data available.


End fitting material is suitable for the operating conditions applicable to the hose.

X – Unsuitable or no data available.

END fitting Steel
CS – Carbon Steel
SS – Stainless Steel
BS – Brass / GM Metal