Corrugated PTFE Teflon Hose

Technical Data
PTFE Teflon Flexible Hose 

Hose Specialization
Corrugated PTFE Teflon Hose

Construction: A smooth Teflon* inner core, externally protected with S.S. 304 wire Braid

Construction : Inner Core Convoluted Teflon*
Braid : Externally Protected S.S.304 wire braid

Application : Where highly flexible connection are required.
Temperature Range : -54ºC to + 232ºC for continuous service & -73ºC to +260ºC intermittent service


Steam : Hoses for various types of steam application.
Chemicals : Transfer hoses for chemicals, hot spray, paint, adhesives, aerosol etc.
Hot oils : Transfer hose for fule bunker oils & lubricants.
Gases : Hoses for hot and cold gases, refrigerants
Foods : Transfer hose for syrup, Chocolate, milk, etc.
Hose specifications Tolerance : ± 5%
End Connection : Manufactured as per requirement. Teflon* lined or Tufted fitting can be provided All the contact parts of Teflon*, as per requirement.