Detailed Construction of Transflex Hose

Totally Engineered From Inner Wire To Outer Cover For Maximum Service And Compatibility
  • Inner wire… provides structural support and crush resistance.
  • High tensile strength Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel or special polypropylene-covered inner wire available to provide optimum chemical compatibility and maximum hose service life.
  • Inner fabric or film liner… provides resistance to chemical attack and protects films layers and end fittings from abrasion. It provides axial strength and greater tensile strength.
  • Reinforced fabrics provide pressure capabilities and protect barrier film layers.
  • Reinforcing fabrics and barrier films… handle virtually all solvents, and are compatible with the vast majority of commonly transported chemicals at normal transfer temperatures.
  • They are unaffected by 100% aromatics and prevent permeation by polar and non-polar liquids.
  • PTFE liners are available to handle more corrosive chemicals that would attack standard materials.
  • PVC-impregnated cover… prevents hose abrasion, and provides UV and ozone resistance.
  • Outer wire… provides over-all hoop strength, structural integrity and double electrical continuity.
  • Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel or polypropylene coated is available.
  • Externally swaged/crimped hose fittings… Achieve perfect union and assure performance up to rated burst pressure.
Detailed Construction of Transflex Hose