Liquid Petroleum Gas / Liquid Natural Gas Service Cryogenic

Heavy Duty: Heavy-duty Gas hose are designed especially for the transfer of fully refrigerated convey ants like LPG, LNG and their related convey ants in Gas group 4,5,7.

Application: The Transflex hose assembly is recommended for fully refrigerated liquefied petroleum gasses and related conveyance in Gas group 4,5,7. The spiral wound Stainless Steel 316 inner wire and Stainless Steel 316 underwire for providing strength & the flexibility to maintain hose integrity under stress and strain.

Compliance: Gas hose is manufactured and tested in accordance with EN 13766 Class A Type 1.

Product Handle: Gas hoses are suitable for transfer Ammonia, LPG, LNG, CNG, Liquid Nitrogen, Propane, Butadiene, Butylenes, Dimethylamide, Ethylamine, Ethyl Chloride, Methyl Acetylene, Methyl Bromide Propane Propadiene, Propylene, Vinyl Chloride, Refrigerant Gases. LPG While Composite hose is suitable for: Liquid Ethylene at -105°C, Liquid Ethane at -88°C.

Liquid Petroleum Gas / Liquid Natural Gas Service Cryogenic
Liquid Petroleum Gas / Liquid Natural Gas Service Cryogenic


  • Maximum compatibility – handles a wide range of low temperature and cryogenic conveyance.
  • Reliability – Tested to industry standards 1 ½ time the rated working pressure.
  • Durability – Heavy-duty Stainless Steel 316 inner and outer wire for maximum chemical and wear resistance.
  • Double-end to end electrical continuity prevents static electricity build-up and internal arcing.
  • Suitable for 0.9 Bar Vacuum rating.


  • INNER WIRE: Stainless Steel 304 / 316
  • OUTER WIRE: Stainless Steel 304 / 316
  • CARCASS: Multiple layers of polypropylene fabric, film, and polyester barrier layers
  • COVER: Polyamide fabric
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: -196°C to +50°C
  • END FITTING: As per client requirement which will be externally crimped or swaged


  • Transflex Hose assemblies are tested at 1.5 times rated W.P for safety & reliability.
  • A manufacturer test certificate will be provided with the supply.
  • Burst pressure Indicated is at ambient temperature.
  • Electrically continuity is achieved by the two-wire bonded to the end fitting, this helps dissipate the accumulated charge and to avoid static flash.