Jacketed Hose

Heat And Coolant Traced Hosed

Jacketed hose

Design : For the Internal hose and the Jacketed hose our stainless steel corrugated hoses used, In each case with stainless steel Braiding. The internal and the Jacketed hose are joined with pressure tight fit.

Core & Jacket : SS 304 /321 / 304L /316 /316L

Braid of Core & Jacket : SS 304 / 304L / 316 /316L.

Operating Temperature : 400ºC max.600ºC is possible as a special design.


When ordinary insulation is not sufficient for certain applications, or when specific minimum temperatures are needed to convey viscous substances, traced piping is generally used; this consists of two tubes, one inside the other, with various differences in cross-section.

One of the tubes, generally the inner one, carries the medium, and the other one carries a heating or cooling agent ; sometimes it is the other way around .In other cases, the external tube is used as a safety measure.

Occasionally, such traced piping has to be flexible. It is for such applications that we supply our Jacketed hose.

It’s high flexibility makes this hose very suitable for angular and lateral (offset) movements. The Jacketed hose is pressure-and vaccum-proof and, due to the materials used in its manufacture, resistant to temperature and corrosion. The large surface area of the corrugated section results in particularly high heat transfer efficiency, the hose combining the functions of a flexible conduit and a highly efficient heat exchanger in the simplest possible form.

Hose Specialization

Jacketed Hose

The JACKETED Hose is suitable for many different purposes.
As heatable element the hose is mainly used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and civil engineering machinery industries to convey viscous or temperature-sensitive media, such as: 

  • bitumen
  • polyester paraffin
  • heavy fuel oil
  • dimethyl terephthalate (DMT)
  • fats
  • mercury
  • tar
  • naphthalene
  • synthetic resin
  • naphthol
  • sulphur
  • chlorophenol
  • explosive (TNT)
  • organic liquefied materials
  • phenol
  • fatty acids
  • chocolate
  • thermosetting plastics
  • phthalic acid, waxes and others
    As a coolable element the JACKETED Hose is particularly popular in compressor and engine construction to cool air and waste gases.

The heating agents used are hot water, steam, heat transfer oils or other heat transfer agents; for cooling, water is the most usual agent.
End Connections : As a connection for the heating or cooling medium, one weld-neck flange or
union is provided at each hose end of the tracer conduit, the two connections being offset by 180º in relation to one another.