Multioil Suction & Discharge

Standard Duty-GPG : Standard Duty Oil Suction and Discharge Composite hoses are designed for handling wide range of fuel, lubricant where light weight and high flexibility is required.

Application : Transflex Hose hoses and hose assemblies are recommended for Rail Tank Wagons, Tank Truck Loading and Unloading, Storage tanks transfers and other standard duty applications

Compliance : Standard Duty Multi oil suction and discharge composite hoses and manufactured in accordance to EN 13765 / 2010 Type 2.

Product Handle: Gasoline, high speed diesel, paraffin, kerosene, lubricating oil and 100% aromatics as well as black oils and heavy lubricants and solvents.

Multioil Suction & Discharge


  • Complete product compatibility for safe handling of all types of oil based 100% aromatic content and other non aggressive chemicals.
  •  Light Weight & Highly Flexible makes it easy to handle in loading and unloading.
  • Tough PVC outer cover resists to dragging, wear, abrasion, UV and ozone resistance having maximum durability and safety.
  •  Double end to end electrical continuity prevents static electricity build up and internal arcing.
  • 5. Suitable for 0.9 Bar Vacuum rating.


  • INNER WIRE: High tensile strength galvanized steel
  • OUTER WIRE: High tensile strength galvanized steel
  • CARCASS: Multiple layers of polypropylene fabric, film and polyester barrier layers
  • COVER: Abrasion resistant PVC impregnated fabric
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: -30°C to +80°C
  • FOR CHEMICAL HOSE: Please refer chemical resistance compatibility chart
  • END FITTING: As per client requirement which will be externally crimped or swaged


  • Transflex Hose assemblies are tested at 1.5 times rated W.P for safety & reliability in accordance with BSEN 13765.
  • Manufacturer test certificate will be provided with the supply.
  • Burst pressure Indicated is at ambient temperature.
  • Electrically continuity is achieved by the two wire bonded to the end fitting, this helps dissipate accumulated charge and to avoid static flash.